Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo challenge & anything but a card time at Dude Time Doodles

Hey everyone-

Quick post for me since it is late and I am in a mood!  I had my projects done early this afternoon but went to take a picture and my camera battery was dead.  Problem was I torn my house apart trying to find the charger with no luck.  We needed to go to take Taylor to singing lessons then to my in-laws to pick up a book plus visit with an uncle that is having surgery tomorrow.  I came home after all that torn the house apart more to come up empty handed!  Have I said that I am quite ticked?  I had to take the pictures with my daughter’s camera and I just feel the pictures stink because I am used to my own!  I had a design team that I wanted to try for but I have to take pictures of my projects.  I just can’t seem to make them look good so they would turn me down anyway with bad quality photos!  Okay enough complaining!

Inspiration photo


I have such a hard time with things that aren't a card!  I said I was going call in sick for this one but our fearless leader threatened to beat my a$$!  LOL  So I came up with this:

food skewer2beer tag

I made for the first time a fan flower fold thingy!  I will tell you I did not realize how big it was going to be.  LOL  I looked up how to make one on You Tube and of course everyone tells you make it what size you want!  I cut a 2 3/4 x 12 strip plus a 2 3/4 x 6 to start.  You then score at every 1/2 inch until the end.  I then folded them accordion style and connected the strips together.  What  I found out was that the paper I was using was thin so the scored areas were tearing apart.  Suggestion:  If using thin paper score, don’t push to hard!  Makes you cuss very loudly! LOL  I then tried to put it together but just could get it to work!  I was to stupid to fold this the right way, tearing the paper!  I finally quit cursing about that, relaxed then the bright bulb went off over my head telling me to cut another strip instead of cursing!  Well I took the extra strip from the 12 inch I divided and added it to my strips.  That so help me finally be able to fold my flower.  Of course every time I got it to look like a flower it would pop back to strips!!!  Ugh!  Finally after more cursing it was finished!  Now all I had to hold it up that looked like a snack was animal crackers!  I suggest you not serve these at the Super Bowl party or Broccoli!  Hee hee  Then I decided to make a beer charm.  I thought hey you get to have a charm to know what glass of wine is your so I wanted one for my beer!  LOL

So check out the blog to give this weeks challenge a try.  Here are the rules:

1. Use the creations above to get your mojo moving.  Remember, anything BUT a card.

2. You are not required to use BDD images although it would make us really really happy and giggle a lot if you did!

3. MUST be a masculine themed card, you can use humor, innuendo, be a little naughty, sarcastic, but it has got to be for a DUDE!

4. Be sure to use the InLinkz below to submit your creation.

You have one week to link up your projects.  We will post the TOP THREE WINNERS and the TOP BLOG WINNER right here on January 25th at 12 PM CST.

I am beat so going to quit babbling!  Plus my sleeping bill kicked in so I am not sure what this might say!  Hee hee!

7 Winks for Fink:

Tammy said...

Ahh, poor Fink. You sure had a rough time. I share your pain with this challenge but we finished! Great idea, I especially like the beer marker.

Cleota said...

Fink, you rocked the challenge! I need a beer tag, cuz my hubby keeps stealing mine!

Anne Temple said...

I think these are great! Love the beer marker idea too - one for each guy at the party.

jimlynn said...

I think it all turned out great! Sorry about all the cursing you had to do but it was worth it. Very cute project. And EVERYONE needs at least one beer tag! I know I do. LOL!

Hetty said...

Great idea to use the images for tags. It is wonderful to see the variety of thing one can do with the digital images. Well done, GF!!

Boni said...

Love this idea for a beer cozy/tag. Great way to individualize someone's drink! LOL We so appreciate your thinking outside the box! LOL YOU ROCKED the challenge!

Chrissy D said...

These are so fun! WHile you may have had a rough time, your projects turned out GREAT!!!