Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dude Time Doodles Blog Hop time

Hey everyone-

Please forgive me quick post but my oldest daughters world came crashing down around her today so I was being with her.  Her boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with her!  She did not know it was even coming!  Her heart is so full of pain and there is not a damn thing I can do about it! I did not see it coming either.  Maybe it will work out but this is a time I wish a mother could heal everything!  I am just helpless. 

Well I decided in my head a few days ago that I would make a spring card and had high hopes I would knock your socks off but with everything not sure it will!  Rough evening for us!

My card uses the image Eskimo Joe

blog hop jan

joe 2

I took a closer picture for a little better look at the image! 

We have no specific order to go in but from me you can hop on to Anne!  Enjoy all the great projects that the girls have for you!  If you need the beginning start at our DTD challenge.  Thanks for stopping!

Adding this:

While you are hopping be sure to leave some love - one of the Design Team Members will be secretly chosen as the "MYSTERY HOSTESS" of the blog hop and one lucky commenter will receive one of our new release images for free or any individual image of their choice.













Chrissy D.

Dude Time Doodles

21 Winks for Fink:

Hetty said...

Wonderful card, Fink, but ah spring card next time. It is still just too cold! And give your DD a big hug from me!

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh this is a great card! Hope you are warming up where ever you are and your daughter's heals quickly too!

Crystal said...

Love the colors.....

bridget said...

Great image!

Kendra said...

Great spring card. I'm not even ready for my kids to get to be teenagers....Hope your days get better soon!

Anne Temple said...

Love you card and the folding technique you used to make it. Hope you daughter gets over the hurt soon.

Andy said...

Eskimo Joe is so cute!! Hope things continue to improve @ your house!!

Teresa Y.

jimlynn said...

He's so cute - and I LOVE that bright blue shovel!!! Too cute.

Charlene said...

Great card Fink...I love the look on his face...which is what my dh's would be if he had to shovel that much snow too! And I love the style of card you went with...very unique. My heart goes out to you and your dd...this is the time when a mom truly feels helpless...all you can do is be there for her. Good luck...and thanks for sharing your wonderful creation.

Cleota said...

This is a great card! I love that fold. I'll definitely have to give it a try soon.

DTD Dudette

Tammy said...

I just love Joe. Poor guy, he is certainly getting a workout this winter.

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Oh Fink, I'm sorry to hear of your family's heartache. I hope things turn out well.
As for the card... spring as in the design I assume not the season. Great image. wonderfully presented
Hugs to you and yours

seamom said...

WOW! I have never seen that fold before... really nice! Eskimo Joe is a good guy. I can just tell.
Give your daughter another hug. Hindsight is 20/20. One day it will all make sense, whichever way it goes in the end. For now, give her ANOTHER hug... (I have 4 daughters.)

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love the great design of your card- Escimo Joe has been busy this winter- lots of snow! {HUGS} Sorry to hear about your daughter-I hope she finds blessings in her dilema...

scripperscrapper said...

Eskimo Joe should come to MS and relax on our great beaches, 60+ degrees today. Thanks for the inspiration.
~Lisa a.k.a. ScripperScrapper

Gale Varland said...

great image. Hope your daughter's heart heals soon.

THERESA said...

Love the card and that fold is stunning !!!

Tip Top said...

Wow! He looks cold! Great card - fab folds too!

Kendra said...

Great card Fink, but I wanted to give you some mom-couragement... hang tough, and with you by her side, I'm sure it all be okay... heartbreak only makes one stronger (been there oh so many times myself! LOL... can anyone say differently?) I know it can feel like your world is going to end when you're young like that, but she's lucky to have a mom like you :) HUGS

Ginny said...

fab card, hope ur daughters world is a bit brighter today :)

Boni said...

I love the fold you used on this card!! I can't believe that I didn't get by for this one - I probably got distracted LOL