Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can you help Antonia raise funds?

Hello Everyone-

This will stay at the top until over! Thanks Please look for creations below

I was wondering if you could all do a favor for me? Antonia is helping her school to raise money by doing Hoops For Hearts! The Heart Association is a very important organization! We all need to learn more about following and believing the warning signs! We yet chose to ignore them especially if we are women.

My Grandmother died of a major stroke after having several small ones. She had been fighting high blood pressure and heart issues for a while but to lose her at 68 years old was just a shock! My Mom also had problems when she was young!!! The Heart Association was good enough to give her shot when she was young for free!!!!! I really believe in this cause and hope you will help us out. I won't lie to you there are prizes for the kids to get for doing this but Antonia has always been a non selfish person! She would give the shirt off her back to anyone!!!!!

Please click on the link to donate in Antonia's name for her school!

I hope you will help her out! Thanks so much!

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