Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It is AiFactory challenge time!

Hey all-

I am so glad you all keep coming back! I truly do appreciate it. I honestly do! It is Thursday so that means it is time for the challenge at AiFactory! This week we were given an awesome image and plenty of hearts challenge!!!! The challenge is sponsored by Softpencil!!!!! I am also excited because I am guest designing this month for them as well!!!!!!

So coloring my image it made me think of my parents who have been together 46 yrs this year. They have had a very rough time this past year (2009) with losing everything they owned and their house in a fire on Mother's day plus stuff I had there, to mom getting sick ending up in the hospital, her inability to walk because of her arthritis, her job threatening her with firing her if she did not come back. I have to explain this one!!! When she was in the hospital for a week, on oxygen unable to walk her boss gave her an ultimatum. If she did not come back on Monday (released on Saturday) they would find someone to take her job! She went back and boy was I pissed because she could not walk plus she did not have a doctor's release! Her job also said that she could not do anything with her house stuff until after 4 p.m! Your dang house burns down and they won't let you leave but an hour early! Anyway, I thank god that her 65th birthday was coming up because they got harder on her then she told them where to go!!!!!! What jerks! But anyhow, through everything they still look adorable together!!!! Just like the image we used! Yes they fight, tell each other where to go but wake up ready to spend another day together! They have done for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health and even a house fire which cause a major poorer in the relationship! Though with insurance it was all okay. Funny, their parents said they would never last!!!!! To young to be in love! But to this day they look just like the loving couple image.

Let me show you:


Digi stamp: Softpencil avaliable at Aifactory, Kollete Hall, Paper: Martha Stewart (yes I still don't like her), SU and Karen Fosters, Ink: SU, Pins: Joann's, Ribbon: Joann's, buttons: Dress it up and Nesties!

For this card I decided to go with a 5x5 so that I could use plenty of hearts for the Aifactory challenge. I hope you will stop by and give it a try!

Well I need to sign off now! Please come back Friday for my Character Cafe challenge and this weeks guest spot at Softpencil! See you then!

7 Winks for Fink:

Laurie tx stamper said...

Soo adorable! You found so many cute accents with hearts on them too. Sweet layering and colors/textures!

Kerry said...

Great details!! Totally awesomeness!

Erin Smetak said...

Awesome card!!! And what a story about your parents! I'm so sorry that your mom's employer was such a jerk! But how wonderful that your parents have been together for so long and through thick and thin!!! What a wonderful example of love!

Fliss said...

Wow Fink! What an incredible story about your parents-there really are some unfeeling, hard-hearted people out there! Glad to hear they're still happy after so long.
Fabulous card too. I love that background paper and the layout is just great.
Fliss x

Cat said...

Adorable card, Fink! Some people can be so heartless! I wonder whatever happened to them to make them turn out like that! It's just great that your parents have weathered so many storms and still find joy in being together. Hugs

little cardmaker said...

Very sweet card and something needs to be done about that employer! That just sounds wrong all around.

Monica said...

Thank you for telling your story about your parents. My Dad passed 2 years ago but they were the same, fighting but still holding hands and making fun of each other. It was the most awesome thing to see at their age. Your card is amazing and I love the layers!