Friday, September 11, 2009

I have been bad!

I have not been blogging since the1st! What a bad blogger that is. Things were so busy with the family reunion we had and Labor day holiday. I sure wish I had something to show you all but I will soon.

I have been trying out for DT's recently so I have been crossing my fingers on making one. I told myself that I would not over exert or put to much demand on myself. I am going to stick to that!!!! I just love the feeling of creating for others to see plus how good it makes me feel. I also learned a lot being on Dawn's DT!!!! By her taking the chance with me, I feel I have grown so much in ability plus in stretching my brain cells! It has given me the opportunity to grow in skills and in friendship! I also just love having to work with my hands and what little brain I have. LOL I also have learned to expect mistakes and to work with them!!!! This is why it is called handmade!!!!

Let's see, we went shopping recently for Taylor's homecoming dress! I could not believe how much money it costs!!!!! Jack's mom got him a suit for this event! He never had one and that is a heck of a purchase for Susan. At least he will get to wear it more than once!!!! I am hoping someone will borrow it from Taylor to wear next year! LOL Anyway, she went with red and I will so you all a quick picture of it. This is a shot after we got back from hours at the mall!!!! I also can not stand shopping!!!! I was bored to tears.
She went with red sparkles!!!! This is not a good picture but I wanted to give you an idea! Now I guess it is just shoes we need to buy.
A quick update of my parents home! The concrete was poured today and they will start building on Monday supposedly. That is if things go well with the inspector. It is going but going slow! It will be great once it is finished. I just wish it was being built under better circumstances.

3 Winks for Fink:

Dolly said...

This is a cool dress, love the red. Best of luck with DTs...:)x

Maggi said...

Her dress is beautiful! Good luck with the DT calls!

scrappermimi said...

What a pretty dress, love the red!
Good luck on your DT's calls...that is great!