Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ICS card plus when I thought things could not get worse

First I am going to start with the Inspirational Card Sketch card I did for this weeks design team. I missed last weeks sketch due to my parents house burning down but did this weeks on Sunday early for a change! I am glad cause Mom went in the hospital yesterday and my brother in law today!!!!! I can't keep doing this! I drove from one side of the world to the other to visit both hospitals! I am pooped! It has to stop because I am not sure I can be super person anymore! To top it off my hubby has been out of town! Oh well when it rains it pours!!!! But I told everyone if someone else goes in the hospital I can't take anymore patients!!!! LMAO

So here is the sketch by the awesome Dawn!

This is my card:


Paper: Reminisce & Stampin Up!
Ink: Stampin Up!
Stamp: Clear Dollar Stamps
Ribbon: ??
Pin: Joanns Essentials
Buttons: Rak

I hope you like my card! I need to make a zillion thank you cards for people that helped during the fire and after! I want to make sure I make a card with many thank yous to the North Olmsted Fire Department for all they did!!!!! I have to say it was nice to see so many people help! But this card is for Jack's mom, Susan, who is out of work right now (temporarily) but was sweet enough to bring by a huge meat tray and breads for us that Tuesday which was such a big help!!!!! I was so glad she did that because I had no idea how hard this was all gonna be! I am so stressed out right now but I am sure that will pass!! I hope, I hope, I hope and pray!

So yesterday as you know my mom went into the hospital with pneumonia and smoke stuff well now my brother in law is in the hospital with chest pain!!!!! I said early I had to go from one town to another just to visit! I have to be the family visitor since James is out of town. I don't mind this at all but it is stressful! I know that in the long run everything will be okay but I am not sure what I did to deserve this all! I know that God has test for you but I wish he would stop!

Well hopefully the next few days will be calm and peaceful! We will see!

21 Winks for Fink:

joybear said...

Love the cards!!!
Just trying to catch up on some blogs and very sad to read about the fire (((HUGS))) and prayers.

cherscrap23 said...

Lovely card for that challenge...that stamp is adorable!

Goodness honey, you will def need a break when James returns! Sorry about your fam health issues, I will continue to pray for them...and your sanity as well! : )

Kristen Hermanny said...

Did you need some thank yous? Maybe you could have some bloggy friends make some and send you some out of the kindness of their hearts? If you need a bunch and want some help let me know with a comment on my blog.
I will say some prayers for you that you have the energy to get through this trying time and that everyone gets healthy fast.

xxx and winks :)

Janet said...

I love this card and the image is so cute. I have been praying for your family and will continue to do so. I hope everyone gets better soon and that you will get some needed rest when James comes back. I agree with Kristen, if you need help with some thank you cards, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to get some out to you.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. HUGS~~~

Leah said...

So sorry for the fire and now your mom and bil are not feeling well...hugs and prayers to you! Love your card!

Maggi said...

I love the cards, those buttons are too cute! I'm thinking of you and your family!

rose said...

love the card so cute! Oh honest I hope the god lord ease`s up on you girl! your really havin a rough time,Make sure you get some rest or you will be laid up its very stressful!! if you need any thank you cards just shout will post

scrapnnMO said...

Your card is absolutely adorable Fink! Love it! Sorry to hear about your b-i-l! Sending many prayers your families way! :)

Sheryl said...

Cute card, Fink. Sorry to hear about the goings on - hope things improve for you all soon. I cannot imagine how hard all that is to deal with - let alone how you still find time to be creative!

Pearl said...

o Fink !

this is tough on you surely ! let your blogging friend know how we can help for sure besides praying for you & your family !


Heather said...

Thanks! I figured it was about time I got with the program! How are thongs with your family? Good I hope!

itsabrt said...

It's amazing the thing we can overcome! You deserve another award, come See! BR-T

Robin L Greenslade said...

Just sending you prayers and good thoughts. You have certainly been through so much lately. You and your family are in my prayers.

Denise Clark said...

I feel so bad that you are having such a hard go of it! Hopefully life will slow down at least a bit for you and your family! You've got a lot on your plate right now, but remember, you don't have to eat it all. It's okay to say, "I'm full"

Love your card. So sweet!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

Kim Y. said...

Sory about the fire...that was horrible! You poor thing! you definitely need a break.

brenda said...

Hi Fink, love your interpretation of the sketch, I never thought of using buttons across the bottom.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

B x

Elizabeth said...

Fink I left you a message the other day on an older blog post, you must of not seen it. I post on your blog as often as I can girlie! I am quite the busy one these days.

I like your card. I am praying for your mom.

Andrea Amu said...

I am sooo sorry to hear of the problems you've been faced with... with the fire, and the hospital patients and everything! That's alot on your plate I'm sure!

Hang in there... a brighter moment is ahead!

Cute card. Love that deer stamp!

Linda said...

You've certainly been having a rough time of late - hope your family are on the mend soon.

Love your card for the ICS.

Thanks for your comment on my blog - little Max is fine now.

Marcea said...

gorgeous cards hunny. I hope things settle down very soon for you dear, I really feel for you right now