Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am late with ICS card

I am late posting this weeks sketch card! So I will do that first! Dawn did a great sketch again this week! I thought long and hard on this one! Like I don't do that every week! Hee hee

Here is Dawn's sketch:

Here is my take:

Paper: Stampin Up!
Background paper: Made by Taylor!!! Using at technique at Stamp tv! by Gina K
Ribbon: Joanns
Stamp: Clear Dollar Stamps
Pencils: Prismacolor

The green tie dye looking background was made by Taylor! She made a pink and red sheet as well. We have really gotten into Stamp TV! Gina K showed how to do this with wax paper! It is
a great spot to learn new things. I will have to show you the card Taylor made with this paper as well one of these times! She is doing thank you cards for teachers.

Well let's see what else to say? Oh yeah my mom was released from the hospital on Saturday which is a good thing because she was ready to beat people! She is on oxygen at home plus her breathing treatments. Of course she went back to work already which just sucks!!!! She was worried about losing her job! My gosh, they can't understand why she missed the week her house burnt down then the week in the hospital! What is wrong with employers these days? She turns 65 on the 6Th of June so she will have medicare for her prescriptions!

They are still doing an examination of everything in the house so no building yet. It is amazing how intense everything is! But right now they are living with us still and things are going pretty well! I guess next week they are taking down all 4 trees because the fire killed them but we get some of the wood for our fireplace! After that the clean up crew comes in the house and gets the inside clean and we go through everything they find to try and identify it for the records. Everything the owned is basically just trash but identifying it gives the insurance company the info to replace it. They will be having a new house built! It is gonna be a nice one too! Best part is the hill they have going into the garage will be level! It was a bear to get snow up it and to cut the grass so I am happy about that! Also they will be getting rid of stairs! They will only have a total of 6 steps compared to the 15 they had! This is great for my mom especially with her breathing problems! It sure looks like a gorgeous house by the plans! I am sure happy for them since this was such a bad experience! Sad part is they never found out what started it!!!!!! It will go as undetermined! But the house went up in less than 5 mins!

Okay I won't keep babbling! I do want to say that so many of you had such wonderful words for my parents! I have truly been blessed by making such great online friends! I think about all of you during my day wondering what you are up to! I appreciate your uplifting words, prayers, positive outlooks and just appreciate you! I am so proud to know all of you! I am also grateful to those who said they would help with cards! I might take you up on the offer but instead of helping with thank yous maybe cards for my parents! This will let them know what great friend I do have!

Hugs and much appreciation to all of you!

10 Winks for Fink:

Heather said...

Thanks for the comment! Glad to here your mom is doing better!

Maggi said...

I'm glad your mom is better! Taylor did a great job on that paper, the card is very cute!

Janet said...

Fink - I am so glad to hear that your mother is doing better. I hate she had to go back to work so soon and wish businesses were more understanding nowadays. I hope you will provide us some pictures of their new home as it is being built and am glad to hear that it is going to be a nice one.

I love the card and Taylor did a great job on the paper.

Sending hugs to all ~~

Elizabeth said...

I love your card, it's totally cute!!!

I am also glad to hear about your parents house and even more so that the insurance is taking care of it! Also your mom's health too. Employer's are weird these days and its a shame they don't understand more so...

I hope that you have a great weekend girlie!

pinky said...

Hi Fink, thanks for the comment on my blog. Crikey what a story you have to tell girl, sounds horrendous! Glad your parents will get their house rebuilt though. Hugs to you and your family.
PS your card is beautiful, love the image.

cherscrap23 said...

First of all, LOVE that card, and that is a great sketch! I've actually become addicted to them!

Glad to hear that your mother is better, and yeah, employers should really understand when things like this happens, amazing!

Also, I wanted to give you a heads-up. Starting tomorrow, Mon. June 1 through Friday, June 5th, we're having a Summer Sports Giveaway over at our 3SBL blog! Make sure you check it out!

As always, you and your fam are in my thoughts and prayers : )

Heather said...

Thanks it was great! I love the moose card!

itsabrt said...

Cute card Fink, thanks for the update on your folks and am so glad they will have a new home more suited to their needs!

Denise Clark said...

I'm proud to know you too, Fink! Out of such a horrible experience, good things will come and they are. I'm so glad your folks are getting a new house AND it will be more suited to their needs. My hubby has a bad hip and would love not having steps! That's wonderful Fink! And so glad to hear your mom is doing better. She's sure had her share of hard times and now she's due for some good stuff!

Love your card! The moose is adorable! Great job on the challenge!

Liz Weber said...

Gorgeous card Fink.

Glad your mum is doing better. Good luck to your parents with the new home!