Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I AM BACK plus a card!

I am so excited to say that my temporary job is done. I am bummed because I was having a great time with the people there! It is a fun environment, a car dealership, because there is playing around in a fun way! No one is there to tell you something or everything is inappropriate! I have to admit that having the money of my own was also nice! With my few first paychecks I was able to buy a Dell laptop that is all mine!!! My hubby asked me why I wanted one and my answer was because I can take it in my room to watch a movie in bed or to catch up with email! I have to say after not working in all these years I was pooped! I am looking forward to sleeping in again. I am so not a morning person!!!! I love love love my nights!

Yep so I am sitting right now in my comfy chair on my new Dell laptop! It is a 15.6 hd wide screen display, has a dual processor, 4gb of memory, 320gb hard drive and a built in web cam! What does that mean to me????? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! lol James tells me that stuff is all important and I said can I type, put cards on and do email? He said yes and I said good! I am sold! Hee hee! He is into all that computer stuff and I just wanted to be mobile without having to be stuck at a desk! So now it is all mine!!!! One thing that is hard is to get use to this new mouse thingy! I loved the little red button but now I use my finger on the pad and it can be very annoying! Hee hee

But seriously I am glad life is gonna slow down! With working everyday and track meets on Tuesday and Thursday I felt crazy! I know only have to worry about the meets! I did not realize how important it was to me to have a clean house! How lame is that?! I hated having it kinda disorganized before but dirty is just nuts! Between you and me, it is not just the girls that are slobs! I am also looking forward to getting back in my scrap room to make cards! I admire those of you that work and do so much! You are much better than me!

Okay here is my card for Inspirational Card Sketches for this week! Sorry for the crummy picture!
Stamp: Clear Dollar Stamps & Inkadinkadoo
Flowers: Prima
Rhinestone: Walmart
Ribbon: Offray
Rectangle word: Joann's
This was a fun sketch but seemed really hard when I first saw it! I am the type who tries to leave the sketch as is so this was tough to come up with an idea! I do know that my Mom will love this card no matter what! Cuz she loves me! LOL I hope you enjoy it!
I will be posting more regular now so look for me! I will be slowing down very soon! I also want to do some of the challenges out there myself! Thanks for stopping by as always! I also will be stopping by to visit you all very soon just like I used to!

5 Winks for Fink:

jacque4u2c said...

This is just adorable! And congrats on your new laptop! How fun is that! This card make me giggle, because it is Derby this week in Louisville, and horses are on everyones mine.

cherscrap23 said...

Love the card! Yah, a laptop (a dream of mine), and I hope you are able to enjoy your mornings soon!

Caryl P said...

There's nothing better in life than free time to make cards and sleeping in! Glad to have you back, cute card :-)

Pearl said...

I so hear you there about the handiness of the paychecks !

over here being a SAHM is certainly not glorified !

congrats on the new laptop acquisition ! sounds like an excellent investment ! lol

Cute card for this week's sketch !

Anonymous said...

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