Friday, March 13, 2009

This weeks DT card

I am a little late on posting this because I want to leave my last post up for the SNR people but seems like no one was interested! I do appreciate all your comments on my little box project and card! I also am glad to see so many people interested enough in following my little old blog!

This weeks sketch at Inspirational card sketches

This was a nice sketch because it was so clean & simple but fun to do! I enjoyed this one! I just got some more stamps from Clear Dollar Stamps and the one was a horse so I used it for my great Aunt's birthday but it won't get there on time of course! That is me! But she will get it!

Well here is my take on the sketch!

I am really loving doing long cards lately! I just thought this horse was to cute!
Paper - Stampin Up!, Martha Stewart and Watercolor
Ink - Stampin Up!
Color: Prisma & Whispers
Ribbon: Stampin Up!
Button - ?
Fiber - Rak

This card is an 8 1/2 by 8 and scored at 4. I just thought the bandanna paper would work so well with this card! It was fun to make!

I also have told you all about my new camera!!!! I am so stinking excited that James allowed me to have a chunk of his bonus money! I got a raise this one so I could buy my camera! I stayed with a Canon so that I could use my current 35mm lens which is a blessing! It is funny because I am anal about reading the instructions and I am on page 60 or so! I have no idea how to work this thing!!!!! I am so winging it when taking pictures! LOL Well, I wanted to share pictures of my prize!

I said I would never switch from film but I really did not like the little camera we have because it has been acting up so I got my SLR! I am so happy! Well it sounds so far like this weekend is going to be slow! So hopefully I will get some cards done! I am bummed because there is no race on Sunday this week so that will be a boring day! Hugs to you all!

9 Winks for Fink:

Moni said...

Gorgeous card, love he stamp image! And your new camera is such a beauty. Hugs, Moni

Leah said...

Such a cute card! I want that horsey so's just so cute. Your camera looks lovely, though I'd have no idea how to use it either!

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

too cute. I love your little pony and the bandana pp does work!!!

Katamommy said...

I am loving the camera, congratulations! The bandana paper was perfect for the horse, great job!

Melissa said...

WOOHOO on the camera! We are Cannon @ our house. I'm still learning my camera and I've had it for a while.

The card is wonderful. Love the horse stamp and how you interpreted the sketch!!!

Mel :)

Marcea said...

Your card is great hunny and your camera looks far too professional for me, lol ... wouldnt have a clue where to start!
Have alovely weekend

Natty said...

Oooh enjoy your new camera - I recently made the move to SLR and am still getting to grips with my camera and having a prime lens attached - no zoom button there, just my legs for stepping back and forth to get the shot! LOL

Oh and the card, super cute! :oD

Martha said...

oh nice camera, I want a new one ;)
oh and I joined the Paper therapy blog group ;)

Anonymous said...

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