Friday, January 16, 2009

Something to show you

Finally I got to the Bat Cave!!!! Hee hee It sounds so much better than scrap room! Actually I get in my Bat Girl outfit, hop on the motor cycle and eat bat cookies in the Bat Cave/scrappy room. I am feeling a little batty!

Anyway, I have so many things to do for this post so I will get started with the wonderful Kreativ Blogger award I received from Jacqueline! She gave me this because she loves my cards! I am so honored to get this! I feel like I should have a speech prepared thanking people like my Mom for bringing me into this world, my kids...just kidding! Anyway, it is my turn to pick 7 people that I think deserve the award! So here it goes:

Leah She just makes great stuff and has been so supportive of me!
Kylie She always makes me laugh with her great photos! She makes great stuff too but she is 32 weeks pregnant or so which means crafting has been rare! You will enjoy her stuff!
Vicki Her stuff is just gorgeous so enough said!
Louisa May Her stuff is so blingy. That may not be a word but it is in my book!
Wendy Her stuff rocks! Also she introduced me to PCP
Jackie Her layouts are so cute
Sheryl I just love what she does!

Congrats ladies!

Okay, Kylie posted this at her blog and just made it an open call to anyone who visited her blog so I am doing the same thing. If you want to do it great, I would love to know more about you & if not well raspberries to you! Hee hee

16 things about me

I have the most amazing family including Jack
I like to hide behind the camera!!!!!! I hate pictures and DON'T do them often
I plain old procrastinate! This is everything
I despise mornings!!!
I am going to have a birthday soon!
I am an only child
I still want to do New Year's resolutions! I have procrastinated!
I am a stay at home mom
I love the smell cookies
I can't sleep with clothes around my neck but; I can't sleep with out the blanket at my neck
I am stupid and fear Vampires (yes there is no such thing but hey)
I am a tom boy
I LOVE NASCAR (Love to work on my own car)
I love animals (severely allergic but have them anyway :))
I am a severe asthmatic
I am allergic to almost everything!!!! At least 100+ things
A bonus I always spell challenges wrong

Whew, now that you know all that you probably will never visit again! LOL

Now to my card I made. I did this for 2 challenges on a sketch challenge at Paper Craft Planet & for the birthday challenge at Stamp Something! I love when I can kill 2 birds with one stone!
Okay I know quit talking Fink and show us the picture! Coming right up....

Details about this card:
Paper: SU, Martha Stewart (I don't like her) & mat stacks
Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms
Fence: Cricut Paper Doll Dress Up
Loopy Brads - Joann's Essentials
Fiber - A rak
Ink- Stazon, Ink It Up & Versa Magic chalk
Pencils - My new 72 piece Prismacolor ones
Texture File - Sizzix
Sketch - Provided by PCP

Wow, that was a lot to do and guess what I have been procrastinating on it! Thanks to all the wonderful ladies that have visited me! I am going to change some of my links! If I add you and you don't want to be on there just let me know and I will delete it! I try and visit blogs daily to comment but the reason I am deleting some is because they don't take the time even once in a while to say hey! I mean be courteous to those that leave comments to you! Even if it is a hey. Okay off my soap box and hopefully a new card tomorrow! And the cow card is going to one of my lovely friends!!!!!! Will it be you?????

15 Winks for Fink:

Anonymous said...

Heya :)

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog hehe. I feel so priveliged! And thank you for doing the 16 things Challenge :) Its so interesting to learn things about people that they wouldn't normal say or state!

I really must get creative again, I am missing being in my scraproom! I have done a few LOs over the past few weeks, so hopefully I can post some pics on my blog later this week... Just so tired, and hot lol (its summer here). Im a procrastinator too. Always have been. But thats okay, things eventually get done! hehe.

Hope you have a great day,


Leah said...

Thanks so much Fink! Very sweet of you:) Your card is so cute, love the cow.

LuLu said...

Georgeous car and loving that cow image - must go and have a nosey on PCP cos I didn't see that sketch ! ! !

Also agree about your comment about comments !

Vicki said...

Thank you so much for the blog award! You are too sweet. I love your card too.

wendyp said...

awww, thanks Fink!!! Love reading your random facts. I think I said "me too" too almost all of them, well except the Nascar thing.

My New Years Resolution was to get back to exercising, but I just haven't started it yet. (wink) Can't break what you haven't started, right? LOL!!!

Jackie said...

Hi Fink!
Thanks so much! What a nice surprise :)I loooove the card, so cute!! I hope your having a good weekend.And thanks again :)!!!

Heather said...

The card is super cute. As for the layouts they are in the slideshow on my blog. They are numbered. I didnt realize at the time you could put pictures in the actual posts.

Elizabeth said...

I really love your cards and the facts about you!

Did you like growing up an only child? Sometimes I wonder how it will effect A when she's older! She doesn't even mind one bit now though!

Nikki Love said...

love the udder line on the cow card!! adorable ;)

Vicki said...

Check out this blog candy give away too!

Louisa May said...

thanks so much Sheri for the award !! umm.. blingy... i like the sound of that :P

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Fun card, love the cow! Thanks for playing along. :)

Jackie said...

Hey Fink, come stop by my blog!I left something there for you :)

Suzanne said...

how cute is that card Finkster!!! love it!

Jamie Martin said...

Super cute cow card, the fence is a great touch :)