Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sad but happy it is over!!!

With having 2 birthdays and Christmas to do during the break really makes you exhausted! I am sad that my girls are back to school plus James was off too for most of it but sure glad that I have my quiet time again. With being so busy I just did not want to even make a post since my last! This one is not going to be much just an update on what has gone on. I am hoping to get some cards made so that you all won't be bored!
Well I know you saw we did Antonia's birthday and she that she got a fish tank! That brought on a lot of shopping for fishy's and plants! It is ready now with happy fish! Speaking of that I have to tell you a story that you just won't believe!!!! James took her out to get some pretty fish plus 2 cat fish! Well the one Molly looked pretty rugged (not sure she would make it) and the one cat fish was scrawny. Antonia said she thought the man that helped them was mean and picked those fish unpurpose! James said he was a jerk also. Well the one cat was acting weird plus having a hard time swimming. On Christmas day. we opened our gifts and got ready to go over James' parents. Usually they come to us but we could not arrange it so we went there. We opened our gifts then visited and left for my parents! We have dinner there every year then we all pack up and come to our house to open gifts. My parents want to get out of their house so now you know why we come here. So we came over earlier (than my parents) since we had to pick up Jack. We had gifts for him too! Right away Antonia ran in to check her fish to find the cat fish dead!!! I was in the kitchen and could hear crying thinking she hurt herself. What a day to find that your fish dead! We opened gifts so that kept her pre-occupied. After a long night we hit the hay! Well when I got up in morning, the first thing she told me was her fish was alive!!!! James said maybe he has 9 lives and only used 2! Well he is still alive today! Weird!

Okay will show you a few pictures from Christmas & a picture of my scrappy stuff I got! The first picture is of me getting Guitar Hero (very happy), Jack getting the Wii game from us he wanted and the gun from my parents, Antonia finally got her race track! Taylor got a ring from Jack!!! The girls got the Wii fit from my parents! And my scrappy stuff! The stamps James got for less that 20 cents each so he was afraid they would stink but I stamped them all and they came out nice!!!! Now to figure out how to color them!

Thanks for stopping and hope your New Year is blessed!

5 Winks for Fink:

Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful

Mistylynn said...

Very nice Christmas! You're so lucky with the stamps. Have fun with them. What a beautiful family.

Leah said...

Hi Fink! Thanks for coming to visit me so often:) We had fishy disaster also, my hubby is BIG into aquariums and we lost 4 expensive salt water fish due to a yucky disease they got. Very sad. I'll be coming to check on you more too now that I've got you bookmarked:)

~Nancy~ said...

Happy New Year Fink! May all of your wishes come true in the upcoming year!!!! Love the pictures.. looks like you all got spoiled a LOT!!!! Those stamps look so yummie! Have fun playing with them! XOXO

Vicki said...

Great holiday photos! TFS! Love that stamp set.