Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cards & life--busy busy

Many of you know what I did yesterday but I have family that looks too so I am going to tell it again! Sorry to bore some of you! Yesterday was a busy day for me! It was Jack's birthday so we were having a family party here for him. I asked him his favorite meal I make so we had Busy Day Casserole, made a birthday cake, did a card (of course I waited until last minute!), straightened up for my parents coming over, got gifts wrapped actually told hubby to do this! I show you some shots of the silly boy and his gifts! LOL

The first picture he is opening the Ihome Ipod dock etc from James and I. The second is the Mario Baseball Game for Wii he wanted that Taylor got him! He loves monkey so that is from me. My parents got him a Target GC plus a baseball digital photo frame and Antonia got him a remote control card and balloon! As you can see he what happy with everything! He said he had a lot of fun!
Here is a picture of him and Taylor with his sign she made!

This is another Christmas card I did for the swap! I decided to go non traditional colors and remember a friend, Karen, doing a blue challenge! So I decided to try it!

Paper - Making Memories (Striped) & SU
Stamp - Rubber stampede
Watercolors - Primacolors, SU
Metallics - Gelly Roll
Markers - Bic, Sugarloaf

Diamond Glaze
Embossing folder - Cuttlebug
Glitter - ?
Snowflake - Walmart
Ribbon - Joann
I used which ever techniques listed above to do the ornaments! I used the glue pen for the green area and added glitter to it. I will probably re do it since the glitter did not stick that well. I also took a white snowflake and put diamond glaze on it then covered it with blue glitter! I let it dry for a while but made sure that I opened the areas in the center of the flake. Then I just assemble the card and Voila it was done!

I actually have been liking my latest cards which I never like stuff I do! I did not plan for the silver bulb to be covered with the silver metallic marker but it happened! Oh well, C'est la vie!
Okay my next card will be my sketch challenge I have going at Never been kissed scrappers! This sketch is from the Cardmaker's book I bought! I could not come up with these idea's!

Paper - SU
Stamp - Stampendous & Perfectly clear & SU
Ribbon - From a rak (wish I had more!)
Markers - Sugarloaf
Ink - SU
Pencils - Joann's
Okay I started using the sketch which is 3 blocks across the an inch thick line underneath. So this is my take! I stamped the 3 monkeys the colored in the monkey & banana then stickled it yellow. As it dried I sat and thought now what! I decided that I would do the saying "Go banana's, It's your birthday" Okay so that meant using my little acrylic letters you know the dollar ones to do the first part! Of course they would not stick to my block!!!! I, those of you that know me, cursed and pouted! I now was feeling the stress of the day! Anyway, since they would not stick I decided I would do them kinda crazy looking like the little monkey! I must have changed the design of this card a million and one times! Finally a brain fart came to me to do the ribbon down the side then I stamped the bottom! But I still did not like it! Ask Taylor for help and she said it needed something. I said what about fake stitching? "Cool", she said. Well I decided to do dots around just two edges of the squares. My hand shook like crazy and they came out all different sizes! I was ready to scream. So I connected them that sucked too! Finally after many mistakes I did the solid blocks and if you look carefully you can see my boo boo's! But after all the mistakes which really helped me make a card I liked, I loved it!
Well this is pretty long so I won't bore you all to death! I will say good night and please stop back! I hope tomorrow I will have my next non traditional card & Taylor's birthday card for Jack uploaded!
Thanks ladies you are all terrific!

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Daniela said...

Hi Fink, thanks for finding time to stop by my blog often :) It is really sweet of you.
I just picked up a monkey party set at Michaels by Martha Stewart. We call Alex our little monkey and he has lots of monkey goodies around...I want his first birthay theme to be monkeys and I am so glad I found this set today.
Love that card, too. It looks like he had a great birthday.

Sherie said...

I love your cards girlie!!! I really like the non-traditional colors for Christmas this year:) You are such a great mom! I can't even think of L having a boyfriend, much less me cooking his favorite dinner for his birthday;) Your mojo must be back girl, cause you are rockin the cards!

Michelle said...

Your cards are cute. And your kids are darling. They look so cute together.

karen said...

Love the cards! And you totally rocked the blue ;-)

Jackie said...

Hi Fink, just popping by to say hello, cute card!!

Elizabeth said...

I love your cards girl you are on fire! The non-traditional one is totally fab!!!!

Sounds like it was a great birthday too!

~Nancy~ said...

OH wow.. love your cards again Fink!!!! And love the pictures as wel!! Wishing you a great weekend!! Hugs to you! !XOXO

My scrappie life! said...

Looove your cards!!!!
Great photo's, looks like you had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my blog :)
I love the Monkey Card! I joined up at Never Been kissed too, just waiting for approval, and then I can post a picture of the card I made for your sketch challenge :)

Hope you are having a good day,


Andrea Amu said...

Really like the cards, Finkster! Love the glittery ornaments.

Looks like Jack had a fantastic Birthday, and I think you do a great job at spoiling the guy, lol! I'm sure he appreciated it :)

Dee Bibb said...

Hey Fink!! Looks like things are going great! So glad Jack had a fabulous birthday! Kinda sounds like you had a good time, too!

Love those cards!

~EssenseVibez~ said...


Stacey Michaud said...

Hey there Fink! Looks like Jack had a fabulous time! I am soo loving your ornament card--those colors just pop!

renee said...

I love those cards and I love that first stamp. You, my friend, need a set of Bic Mark it's! You will love the shading you can do. I am just learning, but since you have been working with watercolors, you will fall right in.

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! Love the Christmas card too!

Sheryl said...

I love the tales of trauma on the card! I do this kind of thing all the time - I'm too stubborn to just scrap it and start again, so end up going to great lengths to cover up mistakes.

I'm glad I'm not the only one ... anyway, the end results are GREAT!