Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jack's team finished season 6 & 1!!!!

The Bay Village 8th grade boys had an outstanding season! They had only one loss which was the very first game! Otherwise they ended up kicking butt! Taylor was glad the season was over as she is not really into football! We made every game including the one that was cold and so rainy. What this means for me is Jack will be here everyday now since done. Back to the old routine.

Him and Taylor will be coming up on their 11 month anniversary (the 12th) already! I see them easily making a year plus! I never expected that my 8th grader would find someone she would date so long! I do know that I am glad it is Jack! I helped get her with him and glad I did because he really is a good kid! Don't tell him I said that!!!! Okay????

I wish there was more to say or even cards to show you but nothing! I did stop at the stamp store on the way back from today's game. I bought a couple monkey stamps (Taylor wanted cuz Jack loves them) plus 5 things of ribbon, she wanted!

Now, I am truly done telling you what is going on with us Finks!!!!! Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Love ya!

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Suzanne said...

congrats on the wins. I'm with your daughter, i'm not much of a football fan...or any sports fan for that matter. No cards Fink? come on woman...when's the last time ya posted one? I know I can't talk, but i have a "growing" excuse!!! One that has robbed the energy and creativity right out of me!!! Glad everything is well with ya!

Mer said...

Wow...Taylor is in 8th grade now? Time sure flies....

Glad to read that things are going well with you!

Andrea Amu said...

Nice to see you back to the blogging again... I love to be informed, lol!

And I keep forgetting to do my tag, but I will one of these days! ;)

~Nancy~ said...

Hey there girlie.. just stopping by to say hi! I hope you're doing ok.. Have a great weekend! XOXO