Thursday, October 2, 2008

Man I wish I could be more exciting

I just sit here thinking that I should be able to come up with things to say but I can't! I wish I could say something has happened that is exciting but nope!

I do want to show you some of the pictures of our dog Ginger's boo boo's! James was taking the dogs hiking but realize after he got in the van, he forgot his cell phone, so he got out of the van leaving the door open. Well the dogs thought he was taking the car so they jumped out. As he was closing the car door he slammed Ginger in it (by accident). She yelped but just sat in the car with that look of come on already and get in! James told called her silly and told her to come out. He noticed she was limping then looked to see she had really hurt herself. I am going to post pictures so if you have a weak stomach, don't look! Not only did he panic big time (like he does when the kids get hurt) but was annoying! LOL We had to take her to the emergency vet on a holiday!!!!! The holiday charge was a killer! But after all was done she had internal stitches and 20 staples outside! I had to give her pills for 10 days! She is doing great now though. It is healing and she is getting her hair back.

I guess that is about all. Oh yeah I am really excited! Creative Xpress has been running some chances to win prizes and real nice ones!!!! I would have loved any of them! It just so happens the Grand prize today was a Cricut Expression. If you are reading my blog then you are probably a scrapper/card maker so you know what it is! Well it is a $399 die cutting machine!!!!! I WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already have one, that James allowed me to buy with his bonus, but I am seeing if they will do other products instead but if not I will keep it and think of something to do with it! So I guess I have something exciting to say after all, kind of!

3 Winks for Fink:

Suzanne said...

poor doggie...aww. Congrats on the expressions girl! you're gonna love it..promise!

Wendy Malichio said...

awww! poor thing! I'm so happy that it's better though!

nap time stamper said...

Poor baby! I'm glad she is feeling better!