Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I decorated my yard for Halloween

There is a problem with that though!!!! I love my decorations and blow ups but I hate that my trees are missing! We called the city regarding the one tree (finding out the city was responsible) since it was loosing a bunch of limbs to have it checked out. Well after investing it they said it needed to come down. Okay I figured that was coming but by the time they were gone I was losing all 3 trees in my front yard!!!!! This opened up the house and I always loved the idea we were hidden!!! I don't want people to know I am here! Okay so I am not very friendly but still! I just HATE IT WITHOUT MY TREES! My girls were so upset that they made signs and walked up and down the sidewalk in protest! I wanted to join them! I will post pictures of the yard soon!

Let's see.....since I talk about Jack and Taylor usually, they celebrated 11 months together! He bought her the cutest gift (I found it!)of a charm which were wedding rings for her bracelet! She loved them so much that she put the on her diamonds heart necklace he bought her last Christmas! She bought him (again I found them)dog tags and engraved them. The one (around the neck) was Jack *heart heart* Taylor 11/12/07 the key chain ones said I love you! He was so tickled to get them. He smiled from ear to ear and put it on right away!!!! He must have read it 100 times that day!!!!! Next month, which is their year, Taylor is going get his anniversary gift as well as birthday since they are 6 days apart. I think she is going with an engraved id bracelet! I just adore this boy! He is kind, considerate, fun, funny,
cute, adorable, compassionate and just plain everything! He is truly a great kid and one of a kind!!!! I love when he gives me giant hugs!!!! I get so many of them! I am kinda like a 2nd mom since Susan works 2nd shift and he is with me most of the time (well my family I should say). She sure did a good job even with working and a nasty divorce! I am glad that Taylor is with him! Him and I went shopping for her one year gift plus a little bit of Christmas and I think he has an idea of what he is getting. I won't say in case Taylor reads this! I told him after Christmas they need to just buy each other stuff special days like Valentine's and maybe just once a quarter! They don't spend much but still! Okay enough about them! What is sad, is that all these times, I have never taken any pictures!!!!! What kind of Mom am I??

Well enough for tonight since I am getting tired!!! Wow, 1:30 is good for me lately!
Thanks for stopping by and please visit me again!!!!

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Dee Bibb said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always good to hear from you since I don't visit CX much anymore.

I'm so happy that Taylor & Jack are such good friends in their relationship.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.

Mer said...

He sounds like a sweet boy!

So sorry to hear about your trees...I would be mad too!

Suzanne said...

too funny about the protests! You'll prolly be thankful in the future though....a big storm could come through and really reek havoc!

Cari said...

HOpe you get those trees soon.

Hey, got you post on my blog. Girl, I'd love for you to show up and play along during the crop this weekend.
Just register and join in on the fun!!! ;)

Elizabeth said...

I think I'd be upset at my trees coming down too!!!! Sorry to hear that...

~Nancy~ said...

So sorry about your trees.. I can imagine that you really miss them in front of your house! Have a great Monday (and a Happy Halloween of course) XOXO