Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am a bad blogger again

I am so sorry for being a bad blogger! I said I would never do that but life has been nuts! Taylor started track in March and it goes through April! Well practice is everyday until at least 5 then I do children drop off! We have had meets 2 times per week! I have gone to every meet to root on my favorite kids! Taylor is loving the long jump and Jack is doing superb in the shot put and discus! I will tell that has kept me so busy! I love going to cheer on the kids and it is even better because they then hang out with me!

Well tomorrow will be exciting because Taylor and I are on the way to Savannah Georgia for 5 days! Unfortunately she will be missing 3 track meets but we will be in town early enough to cheer her friends on! The only bummer to it is that Taylor cried tonight because she is going to miss Jack! He said that he felt all the tears swell up but no tears fell! I feel so bad for the two of them! Heck you would think that they were married!!!!!!! They are the perfect couple though! He is a great kid plus my best buddy!

In April for spring break the family and Jack went to Williamsburg, Virginia! We had a fantastic time! We went to Busch Gardens as well! Jack and I had a blast riding all the coasters!!!! Everyone else does not ride! We rode the Griffin which is the tallest floor less coaster around! I will get around to showing you pictures hopefully when life slows down!!!! Will that happen though?

Well I will get moving as I have to do stuff still for our trip tomorrow! Thanks for stopping!

4 Winks for Fink:

Suzanne said...

finkster! glad things have been a good crazy and not bad! Sounds like things are going well for ya. Glad yall had fun in Williamsburg.

I'm sooo jealous!!! I wanted to go to Savannah, but life always has other plans! Be sure to post pics!

Library Bunny said...

I am so glad we got to scrap together again, and it was great to meet Taylor. She is such a great kid! Miss you already.

Melissa said...

Miss you and was so wonderful to meet you all. Good luck on the rest of your track season Taylor!
Mel :)

Mer said...

Bree does track too...she loves it! I hope Taylor had a great track season. :)