Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wow weeeee

does time fly!!!! I did not even realize that it has been that long since I updated! Let's see-----My oldest turned 13 in early March! As I sat and thought about it, I realized I did not want to have a teenager. I mean it was just yesterday that she was a toddler!!! I think it was hard because the girls has just got done watching video's of their toddler years!!!!! : ( Wow, it does tell you time flies! Well her birthday was wonderful! Her boyfriend Jack and I decorated her locker with balloons and streamers and giant letters! Inside we put more balloons, bows, little decorations plus what he bought her which was a panda bear with a pretty bracelet (around it's neck) plus a new charm for her other bracelet she got for Christmas and her favorite candy. Wow, does this kid spoil her!!!! That night her grandparents came over for cake and ice cream. She got a lot of nice things including another gift from Jack!!!! He did not want to come empty handed so he gave her the panda shirt we shopped for. Yes, I took him to the mall for a couple of hours one day so he could buy her stuff. His mom works second shift and it is just hard so I have become an adopted mom. He is a wonderful young man!

Their anniversary (4 months) was on the 11th just after her birthday. He of course bought her stuff for that! He got her a stuffed Frog that was wearing an XOXO necklace with matching earring stuck in the rose it was holding! He is so creative!! I know for Easter he is taking her for ice cream but have no clue what he is doing for their 5 month anniversary! I told him he can't do this forever or his other girlfriends and he laughed saying "What other girlfriends? I am only ever going to go out with Taylor!!!" I just smiled and thought anything is possible! They have liked each other for 2 or 3 years plus love being together! They are so cute! And guess what, I know where they are and what they are doing because they are always here or with me. Who says I am not a smart cookie! LOL

It is almost Easter time! Unfortunately, Taylor has been home sick for 3 days! She just started track last week and they ran them outside in our crummy weather! I am thinking that is why she got sick! It was a different sick though..headaches and dizziness. She felt better today but I decided to keep her home anyway for safety and since we are going on vacation next week. I have felt the same way too! It so sucks.

Speaking of Easter.......being the bunny is so darn expensive!!!!! I should go into the chocolate making business! If you were wondering yes I bought stuff to make Jack and Pierson a basket. So what are you doing for Easter? My parents have decided they are coming here for dinner. I still don't know what the heck I am going to make. Any ideas? Well a tradition for our families is no meat on Good Friday so we will be planning for that! It is the only time of year I just die for a good steak! LOL

During spring break we are all going to Colonial Willamsburg! I am so looking forward to this since I think it will be cool to learn about! We are staying in a holidome (Holiday Inn) which is very family oriented! Game room and other stuff to keep us busy! Yea! Busch Gardens also opens on the 21st so we can go there too! FUN FUN FUN!

Thanks for always stopping by! You are all so wonderful! Aunt Dukie now you can't say it isn't updated!!!! Just for you! Love you!

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Suzanne said...

an update! Woo! I can't talk. Sounds like you've been super busy girl. We miss you at CX! How sweet of your daughter's boyfriend...he needs to teach my hubby a thing or two about

You're gonna have a blast in Colonial Williamsburg. I used to live in Va. Beach and it was only a short drive for us. The outlets are to die for...make sure you go. Busch Gardens is super fun. Just make sure you do the speed limit while you're there...hehe. Hugs

My Paper World said...

So great to get an update Fink!
your spring break sounds like it's going to be fun!
Have a great weekend, and don't leave it so long next time!
We miss ya!
Nicola xx

Suzanne said...

Happy Easter Finkster!

Mer said...

Nice to see you back, girlie! :)

~Nancy~ said...

Hey there Fink! Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! HOpe you're doing ok!!!! Have a great weekend! XOXO

Stampin' Meg said...

Yay- finally!
I love Colonial Wilamesburg-I have been there twice it is SO cool. Take pix to scrap in Savannah then I can see them!

Lainey said...

I am loving the name Dukie! I have to assume that is not her real name, but it makes me giggle! Happy belated Easter! Taylor's boyfriend sure does sound cute!

Andrea Amu said...

Nice to see an update! :D

I agree, you will really like Williamsburg! I had fun there... and it's educational too!