Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am a hip mom--are you?

I just got my new phone which is a Verizon enV!!!!! Taylor's friends text me quite a bit which is fun. I was pretty darn quick on my old phone but still learning this one!!! It opens so that it is a keyboard but it is not as easy as typing here!!!! LOL I am enjoying it since I can connect to AIM, Yahoo and MSN using my phone so that if all the computers are tied up I have a way to still chat! Go me! I finally have an mp3 player which is on my phone. I did NOT have one. Lame I know! Funny over the past few days I have been using the texting keyboard thinking it would be easier than my old way (which I was pretty speedy at) but it is not like typing here! You find out that your fingers are to big! LOL I guess with practice I will get better!

I am excited to say that I have some pictures for you all to see. I have some pictures of cards I made and some general pictures. Valentine's day was the same as usual for me--he said Happy Valentine's day so that was nice. Taylor's day was going to be spectacular! I had gone to Build a Bear to buy a cute heart dog (for Taylor) and a stuffed monkey (for Jack) in the middle of January since I had coupons! Jack also wanted the cute little t-shirt that said Be Mine for the doggy. Before valentines day he had got her her favorite chocolates and 2 chocolate suckers. The day before v day I picked him up to get the balloons and he also picked up another thing of her favorite candy and some hearts to decorate her locker with. We then headed up to school for the locker sneak! We laughed trying to fit all this stuff nicely in her locker. It would keep tipping over or we would change it and make it fall! Talk about 2 goof balls! I told him lets decorate the outside with the hearts and the inside door so I did the front and he did the inside and in her books so it would fall out all day. We were so proud of ourselves standing there like peacocks at what we had done. After closing the door, we realized that we had forgot the big mylar balloon! So we had to reopen the locker and stuff it in!!!!! What a bunch of fools we were! Finally it was done! I knew Taylor was going to be so stinking happy and surprised!!! Valentine's day came around, she went to her locker, was so happy but did not have anywhere to put her book bag and coat!!!!!! Opps such a delimma! We had never thought of that! He also had brought her 3 roses for their anniversary which was the 11th! He is so thoughtful! What a great kid he is!

Things have been the same so not to much to update there! Hope you all like my stuff I did!

This is a card I made for Jack. The heart was done with the Cricut, the stamp is Stampin Up, gold and silver glitter is Stickles and ribbon is Offray. I found it so hard to make a guy card plus it was for my daughter's boyfriend! He said he loved it and was going to save it. I had made him an altered frame with Taylor's picture but I forgot to take a picture of it! Opps!

This is a card that I made for Jack's mom since her birthday is Valentine's Day. The paper is Stampin up & KI, the girl stamp is Stampabella, the cirlce stamp is SU, as well as the watercolor pencils, flower-?? and ribbon Offray ( I think).
Well thanks for stopping by! It is nice seeing you again! I hope to have more updates soon!

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Andrea Amu said...

How sweet that you helped your dd's boyfriend prepare for Valentine's Day! I'm sure she was thrilled!

Love the card!

Elizabeth said...

You are totally hip for sure! I see people with those phones and am amazed by them, how cool!

And what a cool thing for you to do, helping your DD like that!!!!

Your card is cute and it's good to see you posting again girlie!

Memawsboy said...

Love the Card. Neat background for your blog.

Oh I don't know how to text, so good for you.

Lainey said...

That's so cute to set up her locker and help him out! Awww!

Chris said...

Adorable cards!!

Suzanne said...

glad to see you crafting again woman! The cards are awesome! How cool of you to help your daughter! Come on now Fink, don't faulter in updating!

Dee Bibb said...

Hey Fink!!! Love the cards!

Where are you girl? Haven't seen you in a while!

Mer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope everything's well with you. :)

Dee Bibb said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you got some rest during your hiatus from the computer!

Stampin' Meg said...

Yay-- you are back and with pictures too. I have missed ya girlie!

Melissa said...

Being a Cool/Hip mom goes a long way!
Fink- haven't been on your blog in a the Nascar stuff, even though that's not my driver! Can't wait to meet you and little Fink at the SEC!!!

My Paper World said...

Oooooh! I'm loving the cards!
Soooo cute! xx