Monday, November 19, 2007

It is Monday!!!!!

Hi all-
As most of you know things have not been good here lately! I had more shocking news with my family. I guess this is God's way of testing us or maybe making us change things if our lives!

I have been so busy with my dad. As you know he is out of work! He has been trying to get a business started with fishing lures for quite some time but never had the chance to do anything with it other than online. We have been going to stores and showing them what we have plus what we have to offer them if they carry our line! We have had such great reception that if we get this moving, we could possibly make life very different for both of our families!!!!!!!!! This even has me excited! I would love to have something to give my kids someday that they can pass down! I pray that God will change things for us as it has never been easy for any of us. I hope he sees that with our struggling we have kept going & deserve this opportunity. Enough said on that.

My darling Taylor has changed boyfriends again. Okay before your jaws drop open and you think how can I let her do this stuff when she is only in the 7th grade, I figure that if she and her boyfriend are hanging at my house at least I know where they are. I find so many of the parents have children that are lying to them about having a bf that they plan a sleep over and go out with their bf's! Keeping this in mind, I find that I am not wrong!!!! My daughter never has to lie to me ever! Anyway, the reason for the change is because she did not want to get in trouble. I cant explain past that but it was for all the right reasons. She is now dating another good friend that has liked her since the 5th grade and she him. Jack was spending a lot of time here as her friend but once he found out she was free, he asked her right away. They really deserve each other and are allowed to spend time together at both our houses! There is not hiding involved! They are so darn cute together! Jack is about 11" taller than Taylor but he treats her as if she is bigger than him! They have a great relationship that can be open, that is a first for Taylor. Best part is so far her picks have been amazing guys so I am proud of how she makes her choices! Funny is her relationships last so long that I see this one going beyond the usual!!!!!! I am so happy for her! The best part is he now has a Verizon cell phone. Wait he is always here so he wont need it much! LOL

I am hoping that things will allow me to update more and get more scrapping and card making done! I have to get Christmas gifts started too! So hopefully I wont be boring you with anymore long reading! LOL

Have a great day! Meg, if you stop by I am sure sorry to hear about your mom. She is now in a better place even though that is hard to understand or unfair for me to say. I believe that she is happy! Hugs to you!

5 Winks for Fink:

My Paper World said...

Thanks for sharing your news, I really hope that the business venture works out well!
Lots of hugs! xx

Chris said...

I sure hope the business takes off for ya!

Michelle said...

Wow, you are busy, busy, busy. As for letting your daughter have a boyfriend, you can't stop them. Better to be supervising, no?

I don't know how you can think, and yet you're blogging. That's awesome!

Andrea Amu said...

Have a terrific Thanksgiving with your family!! Hope all is well!

Stampin' Meg said...

Thanks Fink. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs.