Wednesday, October 3, 2007

DCM challange

This is a card I worked on during my Saturday scrap session! I finally am getting around to posting it. I did this for a challenge at Daring Cardmakers which was to use a frame. This picture is not the best but it will work. The patterned paper is American Crafts, solid is SU, stamp is PMSbella, circle stamp is SU, watercolors-SU, ribbon - ??, frame - Coluzzle, Ink is Whispers. This was a fun card to make! I love the bright colors and used the orange and yellow as accent colors. The enjoy your day is on a pop up dot. I am truly loving my bella stamps!
Gosh, I really have nothing to say to you all. How boring is that??? I have not had much excitement the last few days. Tonight the in laws were over to visit. They brought with them McDonald's for the kids so they were tickled pink! I have a job interview tomorrow! This is the first one in over 11 years! It is just for a part time job at the local day care. When Taylor was about 8 mos, I was working at a day care part time in the toddler area. It was perfect because she took a nap during the time we were there! She was a 2 hour plus napper so they did not have to watch her much. Plus then she could be with me when she got a little older and walking. I then took over the 4 yr old class since the girl was leaving. It was supposed to be temporary but ended up being full time for over a year! I left there when I was pregnant with Antonia. I have not worked since!!! I am looking for something that will have me home by the time Antonia gets home from school which is 2:30. I figured this is something I could do plus I will still be home on the weekend. I am going to fill out a couple of applications after for a couple different places. There is a local coffee shop looking for weekdays so I think I am going to try them since that sounds fun! What ever I do has to work with my schedule until she is in the middle school next year that doesn't get home until 3:20. I also filled out an application with Archiver's and another scrap store here. I really hope the one comes through since I would love to be in the scrap field! We shall see.
I also found out that I am going to the crop in Savannah Georgia in April! I am so excited because some of my CX friends I will be seeing again and some just meeting! The job will come in handy for that. I will have more money to enjoy myself while I am there! LOL
Well, I will be posting another card that I did for Caardvarks challenge even though it is to late to win a prize but at least I did it! I am hoping to get more cards made this weekend with Taylor for National Card Making day. You might want to check out Creative Xpress since they are having a party! If you do, I will see you there!
Thanks for coming and you make sure you come back now, ya hear!

9 Winks for Fink:

Kathy said...

Lovely card.

Hope the interview goes/went well!

Tannis said...

That card is so fun! I love the colors! I'm going to have to check out some of those stamps!

Good luck on the interview and job finding!


My Paper World said...

Great card! I love the bright colours,and the cute Bella! Good luck with the interview! xx

Nanie said...

Pretty card !

Good luck on your interview !


Stampin' Meg said...

Good luck with the card contest(this card is so cute- now go post it on CX Missy!)

And good luck with the job interview too!

Lainey said...

Cool card, I like the idea of the frame challenge. I don't think I ever find a way to use them!

Yay, I'm glad you are getting to go to the CX crop. I can't plan my work schedule that far in advance. :( I know my docket partner is off for a week that month already.

Good luck on the job hunt!

Suzanne said...

Holy Shmokes woman! I love that card! it's so pretiful! I wish I could committ to going to the crop but I just can't! My hubby will be retiring from the military (after 22yrs) around that time and I just really can't predict what's going to be going on...oh well, maybe the next one!

Rhi said...

Brilliant card, I love those bright funky colours, fantastic!

Lynne said...

Sorry I'm late Fink.
Gorgeous card, thanks for joining in with my dare.