Friday, October 19, 2007

Nothin' new! How boring is that????

It is early in my Friday morning! I always say that I am going to post before midnight but it never works out that way! Tonight's problem was watching my beloved Indians lose! We are still one game up and Saturday we will win so there is no problem! GO TRIBE!!!! I also wanted to stop by the blogs of people who are kind enough to post to me! If you ever want to take a look, you will be amazed with the blog candy for your eyes! There are some very talented ladies that have stopped by! I just was thinking how cool it is to blog because when have you ever been able to find out about people from other countries! I guess in the old days you had pen pals but this is much cooler! I just love to see the ladies from the UK stopping by! Thanks for checking me out.

I am really trying to visit all the blogs that I have listed as well as the ladies that have been here! I hope you have noticed that I have stopped by! It is fun to see what is going on with all of you! I did notice today seemed to be a reflections day for people. I just don't feel like reflecting today! I know not to take things for granted but I also know it is unfair to do say things when they are not meant.

I am hoping to have plenty of eye candy for you ladies since later tonight is the Creative Xpress cyber crop! For those of you who have never been there, take time to check it out! We are a great group of ladies and have such a good time! If you decided to stop or to register let them know that I sent you by! Thanks There are some good challenges listed--I can't wait to try!

I am hoping that next week I can have a little challenge for you all to do. They won't be difficult and it will be just for fun mostly. I may have a few with chances to win raks too!

Thanks for your response about the coffee shop job! I did get the feeling with her that she is kinda flaky but would be okay to work for! I am giving her the benefit of the doubt because she has not been open long and she is working everyday right now! I can understand wanting to get the young ins trained because us old people aren't to tough to work with. I mean I feel like she pretty much has told me I have the job but she is just not ready for me yet! I may check in with her to find out more since I am getting offers to help at school and volunteer for things that I may not be able to commit to if working some. I will never not help with my girls since I have been there for them all this time! I guess I could use the other job that I am looking at and tell her I would like to be with her instead. There is just something about the building it is in and the location it is! It is just cheerful like. It is weird but you walk in and feel it. I could be because it is in the metro parks and is surrounded by the beach and trees! But thanks for you input! Plus you are right, who would want to pass up a great person like me???? I know, ME!

Come back again soon. I hope to have projects for you to look at!

3 Winks for Fink:

Greensleeves said...

Good luck with your new job (I'll keep my fingers crossed for you).
And thanks for stopping by at my blog.

Elizabeth said...

I think I'd take the job! So often we go to a place to make the money, now I know your taking this job for the extra cash for scrapping and stuff, but you get a special feeling when you go into that place. It feels good to you and you like the feeling of it! So I say listen to that inner self and go for it girlie!!!!

My Paper World said...

Hi Fink,
I really hope you get the job!
Thanks for your comment on my faux stitching. I just hope that no one else starts blowing up my pictures, as it dosent look so impressive up close!(he,he!)
Yey! Its friday! have a greet weekend! xx