Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letting you know I did not fall off the face of the earth

Sorry to disappoint some of you! I told you before that I wait until late at night to update and then am to lazy to do so! I usually just keep blabbing away until it is even later plus without saying much!!!! That is the story of my life! LOL

Since my last update I was very much under the weather! Basically Thursday was like the start of it! Friday, Saturday & Sunday were spent at home so nothing thrilling to update!!! Boring, boring, boring. Did you get that? It was boring. We did do the rest of our pumpkins & I will post pictures of them tomorrow most likely. Saturday we had a fire & just hung around. I told myself that I was going to scrap and card make but just felt like doing nothing! Sunday was a better day so I straightened the house (that I had cleaned the day before--dying mind you) and watched my race! I was happy to see my guy lead a lot & pretty happy that he finished 8th. I won't bore you with that story! Don't want those heads to hit the keyboard! LOL (you know who you are)

I would like you all to know that I was up at 7:00 a.m. I got a call from Antonia's teacher on Sunday that I had volunteered for pumpkin math & that is started at 8 a.m. My first thought was I signed up for this??? I never sign up for anything that has to start at the yucky hour. My husband took advantage of that and slept in! He usually gets the girls ready for school since I am a night owl! I had 4 kids in my group and 1 pumpkin! Do you know what it is like to work with 9 year olds and pumpkin guts???? I was ready for a beer by 8:30! Okay 8:15 but who's counting! We had to do math with our pumpkin. Did I tell you I hate math? I certainly do especially before a decent sleep and coffee! LOL We did a bunch of questions like does a pumpkin float. Do you know if it floats? I got ya thinking now! Well, the answer is yes! We also had to count seeds in our pumpkin. Do you know the boys were grossed out by guts!!! And of course the teachers don't think of how boring the kids find pumpkins until they can cut them! We gave ours the name of "Dracula" thanks to me! Sure beat Larry! No offense to the Larry's of the world! LOL I designed the face so that we did not have to argue and they took turns counting it out. I took my digital camera so I will post those pictures tomorrow as well. Gee now I told you the story so what will I say tomorrow????? I hope I can think of something.

Well I am going to quit blabbing as to not bore you or to tell you everything in one post! I have pictures I need to talk about! LOL I am going to get ready for bed since it is 12:50 & I still have to take my pills and lock up the house! Plus in a few minutes the Andy Griffith show will be over! LOL

Oh yeah--I did go back to bed since I did not get to much sleep because of pumpkin math!!!!! TTFN

6 Winks for Fink:

Suzanne said...

What am I gonna do with you Sheri? Sorry to hear you were feeling sick this weekend....Hope you're all better now. I posted to my blog about the whole name thing! I do love the name's not a bad name AT ALL! Hugs to you girly! take care of dem pumpkins!

~Nancy~ said...

So sorry you havent' been feeling too well! HOpe you're feeling better now girlie!!!! Wishing you a great Halloween tomorrow!! (and think of us as we're having no Halloween in Holland.. bummer!) XOXO

My Paper World said...

I bet that the kids loved pumpkin maths with you! I cant wait to see the pics!
I hope that you are feeling loads better now. xx

Stampin' Meg said...

oh you could never be boring BUT ahem- my DH's name is LArry ROTFLOL!!!!

Fink said...

Opps! Sorry Meg! But you have to admit it is not a good name for a pumpkin! I think scary names are better! LOL

Stampin' Meg said...

I usually use "Irving" for naming my inanimate objects!