Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Had to share this on my blog

This is the cutest video ever. It made me smile and jam at the same time! I know many of you got it in an email from me but just incase it didn't work take a look.

I know I was tagged by Suzanne but have not had a chance to update that yet. I promise I will do that soon!

Today was busy of course with the party and parade at Antonia's school. I have some pictures I would love to share with you! Antonia is the 2nd from the left bottom row. They had a great time!

I wanted also to share pictures of our latest pumpkins so I am going to do that as well since I am on here!

In this one the animals are helping well one kitty is missing! As you can tell by Taylor's face she does not like pumpkin guts! The other picture is the finished products!

Okay that is all for now! I will be updating again later or tomorrow with my answers to my tagged questions. I just know you will all fall asleep! LOL
Have a safe and fun Trick or Treat!

6 Winks for Fink:

My Paper World said...

Great photos!

Suzanne said...

look at y'all pumpkin carving diva's! Those came out great!

~Nancy~ said...

Oooh.. love these fun pics of you guys carving the pumkins!!!!!! I sure hope you guys had a great Halloween!!!!!!

Princess Matilda said...

Carving pumpkins with kids is one of the greatest experiences ever! Your pics are awesome!

Andrea said...

Those pumpkins are fab, hope you had a good halloween

Stampin' Meg said...

that birdie video was a hoot- he dances just like me:::boogie :::boogie::: get down now::: make it funky ::: uh huh!