Monday, November 8, 2010

Daisy Doodles Challenge and Free week card!

Hey all-

It is a bi week challenge at Daisy Doodles!!!  It is Land, Sea or Air.  It is anything about transportation!  I am sure you can do this!

Let me show you mine!  I chose to use Doodle bug!  I thought this would be a great card for Taylor who will be 16 in March!  Unfortunately she saw it!  Ugh!  LOL

Land, air, sea

I am not sure I like how the picture came out since it was overcast outside!  Is that not cute or what?

I also have a project to hsow you for our off week (this past week).  I am late posting it but better late than never! Smile


This is the Pilgrim!  It is a good thing that turkey is his buddy!  Might save him! LOL

Also you have to check out the 12 days of Christmas raffle!  Just click here for further details!

Thanks for stopping by! 

4 Winks for Fink:

Joanne Gilch said...

Very cute idea for a 16 year olds bday!!! Love everything about this card!
the pilgrim is adorable...great paper to go with him, too! I just love the way that turkey is hugging that fella's leg....begging or just great pals????

thread-bare said...

Great cards Fink. Love your comment about the turkey lol!! x Clare x

Rhonda said...

Love the Birthday card!!! Perfect for a Sweet 16. Gotta love the Pilgrim!!!

Paula said...

fabulous work Fink, I really love the car xx