Friday, August 20, 2010

It has been a long time plus Stamp N Doodle

Hey all-

I hope all is going well for you!!!!! I am sorry I have not updated recently but most of you know that I have had problems with my laptop!!!! We I told you all how I got it back and was so happy, well that did not last long!!!!! We had the Fink family reunion on July 31st!!! There was lots of James family but unfortunately this time not everyone could attend. Anyway, I picked up my laptop 2 days before that (or so) and was noticing that the one side was going kinda dark and was flickering. I just left it go figuring it was my fault. I decided to take it on the trip so I could play my hidden objects games to keep me busy during the drive. I bought a Murder She Wrote game that is hidden objects and became addicted. Okay yes I know you don't care. Anyway, my laptop would not work the whole day so I had to take it back in!!!!!! It was gone a week then sent back to the Geek Squad at Best Buy!!!!! Can I say they suck! They called me to pick it up so I went to the store and got it. We needed to go let out my brother in laws dog since they all were in Las Vegas so I never got a chance to use it. I got home at 11:30 then booted it up but it would not come on!!!!! I called the 24 hour Geek Squad and they could not fix it during the call. He basically told me that they goofed it up since it would not boot up. I took it back the next day to find out they should not have given it to me as it was not able to be booted up for the Geek Squad! They then told me it looked to be my software but they were not sure. They were to run a check to figure out if it was software or my hard drive! Of course they wanted to know if it was software if I would pay 110 for them to fix it!!! I said no!!!!! If it was the hard drive let me know so I could come back and do a back up with the thing they suckered me into the first time! Well they found out it was the hard drive, which was covered, but I lost everything!!!!!!! Luckily I had a back up from 2 weeks earlier!!!!! I don't believe the Geek Squad knows what they are doing!!!! I finally have it back again, reloaded programs and typing on it so far! Okay I know move on Fink!

Well that is why I have been missing plus life/back to school/anniversary!!!! I have an anniversary coming up on Saturday so I am trying to figure out where to go for dinner! Such decisions! We have a lot planned before the girls go back to school on Thursday the 26Th.

So now I want to share the card I did for Stamp N Doodle. Here it is:

I am going to let you all leave my blog and quick blabbing!!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit me again!

2 Winks for Fink:

Lisa Atha said...


Cute card, I love the colors and embellishments!


Hippieaud (aka Audrey) said...

Great card Fink! I have had equally annoying experiences with the Geek Squad, so I feel your pain!!:)