Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is Feature Friday at TCC and I am your host!

Happy Friday-

Yes you all read that right, your very own Fink in the hostess! I was to do a sketch! This is a first for me. You all know how I love to use them but design my own was very different. I will go ahead and reveal the sketch to you now.

For some odd reason the sketch area is large so this is close as I can get. I think it is the way I saved it in word. Oh well, if you need a better view see the Character Cafe blog.

Enough about that to my card for this sketch:

I mentioned briefly that I made another design team. I am a proud DT member of Just My Sketches! It is a blog run by Deanne, who also designs with me here at The Character Cafe. This is a very different place to do a challenge at! This is a project or card done to song lyrics. What I mean is songs are given with lyrics and you use the inspiration of the song to do your project. We will be going active soon so please make sure to check me out there! This is going to be a challenge for me but I believe fun! I am glad that Deanne wanted me to work with her and her team!

Now let me tell you what it can be like in my work room! You would think with my kids that would my interruptions but it is not it is the dogs who seem to think I am the only one that can let them out. Then there is the pussy cats! Now they are the biggest 3 men in my life that are a pain in my bleep!!!! It seemed they need my attention while I work so they lay all over my desk.

This is the dynamically bad 3 some:

Now tell me you could work with this!!!! The worst part is the one on the right is 21 pounds and not easy to move! The black one is sitting on my image! The little one is pushing off anything he can find! Ugh! It is a good thing I love pets or these 3 would be toast!

Thanks for visiting and letting me ramble! A big thanks to those of you that have joined to follow my blog! I hope I make you come back!!!!

14 Winks for Fink:

Diane (djuseless) said...

Fink, you did an AMAZING job creating your first sketch! They are so easy and fun to make too! I love your card! It looks like your cats took over your computer desk. Too cute!

Rachel said...

Hey fink, Fabulous sketch girl!! i wasn't on this challenge this week but i think i will use your sketch for one of my other cards. your card is adorable!!! too cute. Have a Great Weekend!!

My Paper World said...

Hey Fink!
I really can't remember how we met, but when I found you again, I distictly remembered you! You hardly ever used to show your cards! LOL! but you sure did tell some lovely stories about your sweet family! - that's what I used to visit for.
I think that you stopped blogging,-did you set up some kind of business with your dad or something, and so you were too busy?!. I guess I never checked to see if you came back and then I stopped blogging for a year. So It has been quite a while!!!! but I'm glad that I found you again!
Sorry about the super long message!
Your sketch is amazing by the way! and you made ANOTHER DT!!! You rock!

Heather Schlatter said...

Great Job Fink I loved that image and got to work with it in the blog hop!!! Great job on the sketch too!!! I just opened it in photoshop and cropped it down so that it showed up on my blog without all the white around it that worked great!!!

Great job this week and congrats on your New DT this week!!!

I was asked to be on 3 new teams in the last week and a half and one is really big and I am so excited but I can not announce two of them yet so gotta wait for Sunday and Monday to do that!!!


Sara said...

Hey Fink, great job on your sketch!!! Love your card, of course the image is adorable!! We have got to stop copying each other-heehee!!!!

HappyCrafter said...

What a sweet card! I love the sketch, the different layers all coordinate so nicely, and the main image is darling!

Lesley said...

Cute image and I love that dp!

Angie Cortes said...

Great sketch Fink!! Your card is just too Cute!! Congrats on your new DT!!

sugar n spice said...

Lovely card Fink, I've just popped in to wish you a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
hope you day is filled with fun and laughter.

Hugs Suzi x

~EssenseVibez~ said...


Margreet said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!
xxx Margreet

Scrapaddict said...

Hi Fink,

Just want to wish you a very happy birthday!!!!

Terry Oulboub said...

Happy Birthday young lady! :P I hope today is wonderful and filled with loads of fun! ;D

Kelly said...

Bana nana say it's your Birthday...bana, nana, nana, you're gonna have a good time...bana, nana, nana...Happy Birthday to ya!! Hope you had good one. I was MIA for the weekend at my youngest son's hockey tournament. Great job hosting this week Fink!! Congrats on your very first your card!!