Monday, October 15, 2007

I can't believe how times flies

I can't believe it has been since Thursday since I posted! I had this bright idea that I would be updating everyday! Well ha ha that isn't exactly happening! I do all the stuff I need to do during the day and figure I will update at night. It is a great thought/plan, sounds good until I go to do it! I sit and realize how late it is and that I love to talk which means I will be here forever. Being here forever is not bad it is the boredom that I create for my visitors! Well I am sorry in advance for that! LOL

Friday the girls were off school and we had plans to visit some friends that have moved a little far for me since I HATE to drive. Well James had to take a co-worker visiting from Germany to the airport. He decided to spend the rest of the day with us so that meant we had a change of plans! He came home and picked us up to go and visit his parents to leave the other days of the weekend for stuff to do. Well we got all ready to go over the in laws, drove over to find out that they went to the casino! It amazes me that they can go to a place like this 3 out 4 weekends a month! Each time they come home saying nope did not win! I told them I would be more than happy to set up the front door to my house to be a slot machine with all the bells and whistles for when they win (occasionally) then of course make them lose which is most likely going to happen and sweep up all the money they have thrown in the slot of the door and buy clothes for the girls, groceries, animal food and beer! This way the money stays in the family and is being spent in better ways then to make someone else richer! It sounds reasonable to me! How about you? We hung around their house then took Taylor shopping at a store she likes by them. She of course found clothes! Like I doubted it! LOL Afterwards we headed back and hung around until they came home visiting for about an hour and a half.

Saturday was spent visiting our friends that we planned to on Friday. The girls are good friend with my friend Betsie's girls! We are great friends too so it works out wonderfully. Her and I scrapped, well she scrapped and I just sat and cut out pictures for my power layout box for when I scrap. It was a nice visit.

Sunday was spent saying I am going to scrapbook or at least take a picture of the pretty wedding card I made, yes Suzanne, I am saying that I love this one but of course that did not get done either! LOL I did get my yard decorated with the tombstones and blow ups and the casket while taking pictures of all of us doing stuff. I will upload those pictures tomorrow along from when we went pumpkin picking last weekend. My parents also stopped by for a visit too. Before they came, James took the winter clothes down from the attic so we could be warm instead of freezing our buns off. Of course he is the typical man, just put them in the drawers why waste the water re-washing and drying them!!!! I said because they have been in containers, folded and squished, they needed to be done. After him doing the yeah whatever, I proceeded to wash them anyway!!!!! LOL He can wear his clothes like he slept in them not us--so there!

I will be posting pictures of our holiday decorations and pumpkin picking and would love to see what you all have done! Please share the link where I can view yours when you post. Who knows, maybe there will be a small rak (chosen at random) for those that let me take a peek!!!!!

I want to thank those of you who have been faithful to my blog! I do appreciate you stopping by and hope you continue to do so!!!!!

Thanks for stopping and you all come back now--you hear!

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Elizabeth said...

I really love your blog header, it rocks the house!!!

My Paper World said...

Oooooh! I cant wait to see the pictures of your decorated yard!
I look forward to it!