Monday, September 3, 2007

Whew--busy busy!

I finally have a chance to post! It sure was a busy weekend. Saturday we were supposed to go on a picnic but it that did not happen. James dad and James had to go to his brothers house to help out with the hot water tank. So James told his parents it would be fine to have the stuff at their house instead of dragging everything to the park. That was okay by me since I could just hang out instead. Antonia went with her dad and grandparent in hopes of seeing her cousins. Taylor of course did the usual play on the computer and talk on her cell phone. James' brother Eric and I went to the Parmatown mall because he needed to get something for a wedding reception later that evening. Mom got everything ready to cook and got the charcoal ready for her beef sticks! Yum! While we were out Eric and I picked James up a birthday cake. Of course 40 candles would be way to hot for the smoke detectors that we used only 20! We all just hung out and chatted then headed on home.

Sunday we went to my parents house for a cookout. We had the typical hamburgers and hot dogs! While everything was cooking we played a little baseball. I even took a try! I was not sure how the wrist would hold up but it did okay! It hurt a bit especially when I hit the ball. It has been a long time since I have picked up a bat but I at least hit some!!! James helped my dad do his gutters and move some furniture since they are working on their house. I don't think my dad should have been doing any of this but he did what he could. Mom and I just chatted. It was nice. We headed home and now I am sitting her updating my blog! Boy I tell you this sure is a boring read! Sorry!

Taylor made some cards this weekend. One was for my great aunt and the other was for her dad's birthday. I will be posting them and a few pictures from our weekend events!

Well thanks for reading and hopefully the coming days will be more exciting for you all!

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