Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Finally blogging

Wow, this is amazing! I have started probably millions of these but never do anything with them! I forget the passwords or how to find them even so I just let them go! Well today I actually sat down and did it! Basically I got off my lazy behind and decided to start typing right now. So, now you can join me and my family happenings.

Today was not the greatest day! Yesterday the family and I went to visit my parents for our anniversary since we had not been able to hook up until now. They have been doing some home remodling so we went there to see it too. I will say that I don't care for the color they chose but hey I don't live there anymore so I can't complain!!!!! Anyway, my dad was feeling under the weather! We all figured it was because he was working so hard in the house the last few weeks! Today I called my mom to see how dad was and she said he went to work but that when she got home she was taking him to the hospital! This is an amazing thing as my dad does not do doctors or hospitals! He had a major swelling in his one testicle and it hurt so bad he pretty much begged to go! They admitted him to the hospital for the next few days because he has a major infection. He of course complianed he did not want to stay and they told him it would be dangerous for him not to. I guess that must have changed his mind! Now, I know where my girls get their stuborness becuase it sure isn't from me!

I did have some fun today getting the mail! I know you are thinking getting the mail like duh--bills! Nope! I got my first order from Stamping Bella! I just love the Billboardbella! She is so cute and holding a sign that has different sayings you can use! It is a very versatile stamp! I also got the pmsbella, cakebella, bubblebella, gumpybella (so me!) & giftbella w/hat

Well that was my day today!

3 Winks for Fink:

Stampin' Meg said...

Yay- welcome back to blogging!

Shellieh said...

hope your daddy gets well soon! Glad to see you blogging, now if you can just remember to do it. (like me, lol) hugs.

Lainey said...

Poor guy! It is NEVER a good thing to see "swelling" and "testicle" in the same sentence!