Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A little catching up to do!

I can't believe I have not been able to get here until today! Actually I can, cuz we have been busy! Thursday, I had my girlfriend's boys over so that her and her hubby could go out to dinner for their anniversary. It is nice to have them over because all the kids have been buds for years now! The only problem was the big kids bothering the little kids while they were playing animals! Such problems! LOL Friday-We went to pick up James' car after they made repairs to it! From there James and Antonia went to the park to fish and climb & Taylor and I came home later watching Wild Hogs. Saturday was spent over my in laws & me watching the NASCAR race! My driver/car came in 9th and will be in the chase for the cup! He is 5th in points and I am so excited! I hope he can win the cup again! I still miss my favorite driver, Rusty Wallace, who retired a couple years back. I stayed with the Miller Lite car and root for Kurt Busch. Sunday, we got to spend a day at Swings and Things for FREE! We drove go karts, played putt putt, played in the batting cages and had a wonderful lunch (courtesy of my sister in law). We had a great time and I will post some pictures of our day. Monday was spent cleaning house, making dinner, going to the 4th grade open house and to Walmart to get fabric for Taylor to make lounge pants in Home ec or whatever they call it!

Speaking of the open house--I could not believe that they said the reason the kids are doing a different math is because after 7 years of study we all grew up doing it wrong! Now, what is wrong with that picture???? Well, I will tell you what I think! Remember we are all entitled to our own opinions and this is mine. I have sat with both my girls helping them with math. I will admit that I was not very good at it but still I can help with the division and stuff like that or so I thought! We did long division the same way for many generations and now I am told at open house not to teach it like we were taught! I thought that is ridiculous we have to teach them different it just does not make sense. We are to teach them the facts like normal but to do long division totally strange. I can't see how a child is suppose to figure out how many times a small number goes into a large number!!!!! For example (the best I could come up with) 4 goes into 430 instead of going into the 4 into 4. Hopefully you get what I mean! It is just so much easier the old way. The teacher said that we were all taught to do it by rules and that those rules don't apply and were to confusing so that was the reason for the change. I just don't seem to agree with this whole concept. Heck we have teens and young adults that can't count money! If you go to the store and they put the wrong thing in the register they have no idea what to give you back!!! Okay, I agree that they might just panic but it seems to happen all the time! Things are just changing to make things to easy! Okay, my complaining is over!

Thanks for stopping and hopefully I will come up with something more exciting! I am hoping to get some cards done so that I can post them! We shall see!

2 Winks for Fink:

Stampin' Meg said...

OMG- that math thing is CRAZY!
Those car pictures look like so much fun-I wanna drive one!!!

wendyp said...

DS came home last year trying to explain the way they teach addition...crazy. They were going from the left to the right and were so confused when it came to carrying the number. I taught him the "wrong way" that I've been doing it for all these years. ;)